Is The Piercing I Want Suitable?

//Is The Piercing I Want Suitable?

You’ve probably been dreaming about which piercings you’re going to get next, trawling the internet for inspiration, but HOLD FIRE! Not everything you see is a good idea. Some piercings might be unsuitable for your anatomy and some are just plain wrong.

We genuinely care about our customers; we won’t just pierce you, take your money and send you on your way. We want your piercing to heal properly and for you to have a good experience so we’ll always be honest and say if something isn’t going to work. There are a few reasons why a piercing might not be suitable so here are some things you should bear in mind:

Not everyone’s anatomy is the same. We always check first to make sure your body is suitable before we go ahead with a piercing. Take navels for example, you get innies, outies, ‘collapsed navels’ (this doesn’t mean your belly has actually collapsed, it’s just a term for a navel shape, don’t panic). People come in all shapes and sizes, but be assured that big or small, we can work out something that’s right for you. It might be a case of just going for alternative jewellery styles or in other cases it may be ideal to go for a ‘floating navel’ piercing instead. We will work with your anatomy to find a suitable option, but in some cases it just may not be a viable option to have the piercing you want if it’s not going to work.

Another thing to consider is practicality of placement. If you want an industrial piercing but wear glasses, consider whether you are willing to commit to the potential aggravation of knocking your piercing every time you take your glasses on and off; be realistic about if the piercing will work for your lifestyle and whether you can commit to the possible changes in your lifestyle during the healing process. We advise against piercings on high movement areas and places like your hands and fingers, as they will be constantly catching on clothes etc. Imagine every time you pull your hands through your sleeves and it snags on the fabric… that makes me a bit queasy just thinking about it.

Then there are piercings that are just straight up stupid; I’m looking at you, Snake Eyes. This piercing basically involves PINNING THE MUSCLES OF YOUR TONGUE TOGETHER; no, no, no, no, no. Why would you want to give yourself a speech impediment? You run the same risk with a ‘surface’ tongue piercing; even though it doesn’t penetrate as deep, you still have a horizontal bar restricting the movement of your tongue. Even if you think you’ll give it a go, just in case and then discover ‘oh, yep, it’s a bad idea’ it could have already caused lasting damage to the tongue muscles, even with the jewellery removed. Also, the proximity to your teeth puts them at risk of being damaged, as well as your gums, though wear and also by biting them as you chew food. There is a slight risk with any oral piercing that it can cause damage to teeth but the Snake Eyes piercing increases the risk so much more. Again, we can provide a substitute piercing that will work so much better for you. If you’re looking for an alternative oral piercing, we can do a double piercing that will look just as edgy, without permanently disfiguring you.

We love piercing and are passionate about what we do, so will only give you a fresh piercing that will be just perfect for you and is going to work out.