To-do’s Before a Tattoo Session

//To-do’s Before a Tattoo Session

It’s not just up to the artist to produce an amazing piece of art – you are a part of the process too. Have a read of our top tips on how to prepare before the session to make sure you’re as perfect a canvas as can be…

  • Sleep well

You’ll feel much more relaxed with a good night’s sleep which means your muscles won’t be as tense, making your body easier to tattoo. A well-rested body will also heal better.

  • Avoid alcohol

Alcohol thins the blood risking you bleeding more during your tattoo, which is not only a hygiene issue, but excess blood can thin the ink and compromise the final result, plus make it a whole lot more messy! Also, coming in with a hangover will obviously make you grouchier and more sensitive than you otherwise would be, which will not be pleasant for you or your artist.

  • Eat a substantial meal and keep hydrated

Protein-rich food will ensure you have the rich fuel to sustain you for your sitting. Eggs, porridge, pancakes… get some goodness into you. Keeping up the protein and Vitamin C intake (oranges, broccoli and kiwi are easy go-to’s) will also mean your body heals better after the tattoo.

WATER, WATER, WATER – the must. Lots of people bring energy drinks and coffee to a sitting but these are counterproductive – you’re sitting in a chair, not going out dancing – you can just end up with the jitters. Coffee is also a blood thinner, so one to avoid whilst being tattooed. Staying hydrated is so important for the quality of your skin, as well as preventing you from feeling sick and headache-y.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

Wear something allowing easy access to the area being tattooed. Especially with a long sitting, you’ll want to wear your comfy clothes so you can relax as much as possible. Bring an extra jacket, even if you’re not someone who is usually bothered by the cold. When your body is under stress it can cause you to shiver, keeping warm will minimise your discomfort.

  • Prepare your skin

Sunburned skin cannot be tattooed over so be careful in the run-up to your appointment, but don’t be tempted to fake the glow, tattooing over fake tan isn’t easy. Not only will it make it harder for the artist to pick out colours that complement the true skin tone, but the chemicals from the tan entering into the blood stream could lead to issues. Also, it is an extra job for the artists having to rub it all off prior to tattooing!

Shower beforehand. It’s good form to be nice and fresh when you’re up close and personal with your artist, even though they will of course clean the specific area being tattooed before beginning. You don’t need to shave the area as the artist will do that for you. Best to let them to avoid a rash.

  • Bring entertainment

Bring something to keep yourself occupied if it’s a long session i.e. reading material, music/headphones, download a film/TV show.  There’s nothing wrong with just sitting chatting to the tattooist, but some artists will prefer to concentrate and may have their headphones on to get in the zone. Just be prepared! It can be a long old time just twiddling your thumbs, so bring plenty to entertain.


Once you’ve had your awesome piece of art completed, it’s down to you to look after it. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too. We’ll always run you through the process and provide a leaflet on the day but have a read of our Tattoo Aftercare blog to be prepared.


We look forward to seeing you – get in touch to book in!