Genital Piercing; Dispelling the Myths!

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Male and female genital piercings are not as uncommon as you might think. While it is true that some people are freaked by the mere idea of getting a piercing ‘down there’, there are others who can’t think of anything more exciting and daring. Why? They’re sexy! Plus, many genital piercings provide sexual pleasure…but which ones? And who benefits more, men or women? How many types of genital piercings are there? What’s the aftercare regime? How long do you have to wait to have sex again? There are so many questions when it comes to genital piercings!

As is the case with anything uncommon, there are many myths attached with both male and female genital piercings. Let’s try and separate some myths from the facts:

Genital piercings hurt much more – No they don’t! Getting a hole punched in your body is bound to hurt and genital piercings hurt only as much as any other piercing would. Infact, you will probably find a cartilage piercing more painful than genitals. As with most other piercings, we can also numb here at Pictures of Lily (not with freeze spray!), on both men and women.

Genital piercings take much longer to heal – Take good care of them and genital piercings will actually heal faster than most other piercings, particularly cartilage, which tend to be the most popular type of piercings. They heal very quickly because of the environment, or the environgina! Haha!

Genital piercings can cause paralysis – Not anymore than ear piercings can cause deafness. If done bad, any piercing can have bad repercussions, but paralysis is probably one of the rarest and most extreme counter effects. The trick is to recognise an infection and eliminate it before things get out of hand, but if you follow our aftercare advice, infection should not occur anyway.

Genital piercings never heal completely – Nothing backs this myths, except that people are scared of the idea of genital piercings on the whole. All it takes is some care, with a bit of common sense and every piercing heals in due time. There is no reason to why genital piercings would not ever heal. Neither is it true, nor is it possible!

Genital piercings are more prone to infections – Every piercing is prone to infections and so is a genital piercing, but it is uncommon. There is no proof of the myth that these piercings are attacked by infections more. Regular cleaning will make sure that your genital piercing heals wells and stays healthy and infection free. We give full aftercare advice.

Who benefits more, men or women? – There are genital piercings that are more aesthetic than stimulating, like Christina piercings, but clitoral hood (VCH) piercings and other piercings in the clitoral area can be very stimulating during foreplay and intercourse. Add a bit of magical friction against the G-spot from a male partner’s reverse P.A piercing or an Apadravya and a woman can have some of the best sex of her life.

Men and women benefit from genital piercings because of the strong mental element that contributes to arousal and orgasm; they are very aesthetically pleasing. A man who gets turned on by a glimmer of silver between his partner’s thighs or the thought of stimulating his partner with his piercings may benefit just as much as a woman who’s having her clitoris and G-spot stimulated by her and her partner’s genital piercings.

For all these reasons genital piercings not only aid in sexual aesthetics and pleasure, they can also add greatly to sexual confidence.
We have found (and others we’ve talked to about this matter agree) that virtually no one is turned off by genital piercings. People are curious and often surprised and may even be apprehensive, but genital piercings in my our experience are more likely to be a turn-on than a turn-off.

If you are thinking of getting a genital piercing, rest assured that you are not making a mistake or doing something outrageous (just a bit mischievous!). Just make sure that you take good care of them and there will be no problems. These are the most easy to deal with piercings as they cannot be seen by anyone other than those who you choose.

Be careful, dispel all the myths and enjoy this little secret which will be your own forever and ever!