Tooth Gems

We’re now offering a tooth gem service. How does it work? Well, let me tell you, read on…

The process is the same as when you have braces fitted, we’re not using superglue, we’re using dental grade composite. It doesn’t hurt and it looks freakin’ awesome!

Back in the 90’s you might have gone to your local nail bar or done it yourself with some cheap gem & nail glue, but that’s not us. Only the best for you guys, using genuine, lead-free Swarovski’s or 22k white or yellow gold and the best products money can buy. We care about your teeth and want to enhance your smile.

Due to the high standards we hold at Pictures of Lily, our tooth gem technician Bex, attended the only FULLY ACCREDITED course available in the U.K. We want the best for our clients and that means using the best dental products on the market.

How old do you have to be? You must be over 18 to have the treatment or 16 with a parent or legal guardian present.

How long does it last? Using top-quality products, we’d say anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years (however, we find they can last much longer), as long as you’re looking after your new shiny!

Is it reversible? Totally, we understand you like to change up your style; the same way you might want to change your hair or piercings. Tooth gems are completely reversible, with ZERO damage. This is not something we can do, but your local hygienist or dentist can do it if you just book in for a scale & polish. This painless treatment will clean your tooth and it’ll be like nothing was ever there.

How much? It all depends on what it is you’re looking to have. Prices start from £30 for a single gem. Contact us for more details & to book in.

X Can not be done on false teeth, veneers or teeth that are not in good health.

*Gold pieces can be ordered if not in stock