It’s All Gold!

//It’s All Gold!

Recently Pictures of Lily started stocking 18K body jewellery, handmade by Goldsmith Danila Tarcinale. Let me tell you abit more about this amazing jewellery and the lovely Danila.

Danila originates from Turin in Italy and came to London in 1990, where she began working in various jewellery establishments such as Jess James and Into You. Working from the Clerkenwell Workshops near Hatton Gardens, she began creating body jewellery which was very much in its infancy back then. She then moved premises to the better-known St John Street, London. Danila graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA Hons in Jewellery Design in 1998.

She is a member of the Fellows of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths and has won many awards. She has been listed as one of Professional Jeweller Magazine’s Hot 100 Trendsetters. Her jewellery has been used in film and theatre, plus she has worked on a variety of collections and pieces for well-known designers, celebrities, and public figures – her client list is ofcourse confidential.

Working freelance for other designers and jewellery houses for some time – Vivienne Westwood, de Beers and Garrad for instance – Danila felt she was neglecting the development of her own work. So, in 2010 her and business partner Russell Lownsbrough created The Travelling Jewellery Emporium.

Danila is now in sole charge of the body jewellery side of things and has a number of stockists in the U.K and Europe, aswell as continuing to make countless bespoke pieces for private clients and other designers in various countries. Using only Mother Nature’s finest materials – metals and gemstones – Danila creates unique pieces and no two pieces are the same.

There’s something a little soulless about mass-produced jewellery, but with Danila’s creations there is a special something, that has heart and soul put in to it. Due to the demand for such bespoke jewellery, there’s a two-month waiting list. Luckily for you, Pictures of Lily have some of Danila’s stunning pieces of jewellery, so if you want to own something beautiful and unique, come by the studio and check it out.