October 2017

Stockists of Industrial Strength Jewellery


I'm proud to say, Pictures of Lily are now stocking the amazing jewellery created by Industrial Strength, who are the professional piercers first choice for body jewellery the world over. So, if you’re looking for something a bit special and of exceptional quality that won't turn your ear green, come by the studio to check [...]

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October 2016

Can the Daith Piercing Help Migraines?


Recently a number of migraine sufferers have asked about the Daith piercing and whether it can help with their headaches/migraines. The Daith is a small part of the inner ear cartilage and is very discreet and not obvious, so can suit those not really into piercings with a simple basic piece of jewellery, but there [...]

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Genital Piercing; Dispelling the Myths!


Male and female genital piercings are not as uncommon as you might think. While it is true that some people are freaked by the mere idea of getting a piercing ‘down there’, there are others who can’t think of anything more exciting and daring. Why? They’re sexy! Plus, many genital piercings provide sexual pleasure…but which [...]

Genital Piercing; Dispelling the Myths!2016-10-05T00:46:59+00:00
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